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What is a park model home?

A park model home is designed and intended to be used for recreational, camping and seasonal use. These units are sold by Recreational Vehicle dealers who are licensed to sell RVs. Park model homes are primarily used by their owners as seasonal dwellings, which are typically located in RV parks and campground resorts on sites that are owned, rented or leased, and are then occupied by their owners as seasonal or vacation dwellings. Park model homes may also be located on privately owned parcels of land, subject to local zoning regulations.

How much does it cost to transport the
Get-Away park model home or Cozy Cabin?

Prices vary for transporting your Get-Away park model home and/or Cozy Cabin. Please check with your Dealer for pricing.

What other costs are associated with delivery and setup?

The purchase of your Get-Away or Cozy Cabin Home does not include the cost to setup the home, unless that is specifically provided as a service by your Get-Away or Cozy Cabin Homes dealer. Setup costs generally run from $1,500 to $3,000, depending on the area of the country and the availabilty of setup contractors in your area.

What kind of foundation is required for a Get-Away or Cozy Cabin home?

You do not need a foundation or a slab. All that is needed is a level area. The Get-Away home or Cozy Cabin is then put on cinder blocks which are hidden with decorative skirts.

Can my Get-Away home or cozy Cabin be larger than 400 sq. ft.?

No, regulations specify that a park model home or camping cabin is no larger than 400 sq. ft. Florida is the only exception and allows homes up to 500 sq. ft. These larger models, available only for delivery to the Florida market, can be found in our 800 Series of Get-Away Homes.

Are Get-Away Homes and Cozy Cabins more like a recreational trailer (RV)or a condo?

Your Get-Away Home or Cozy Cabin is more like a luxurious condo with all of the amenities. Although the Cozy Cabin is generally the smaller, more rustic of the two brands, both have name-brand features. Most of our homes are wrapped in OSB, providing the safety, security, and quality that you would expect from a traditionally constructed home or condominium. Note: Our Rocky Mountain Package, which includes cedar siding and real wood paneling, uses a foam wrapping material to improve the breathability of the home. Even without this you gain the advantage of real wood siding and paneling in your vacation, retirement or rental home / cabin!

How long does it take to receive my home once it is ordered?

It takes from 3 to 10 weeks for construction and delivery of your Get-Away Home or Cozy Cabin, depending on factory workload. Order your park model home or cabin as soon as possible so that you have a better chance of it being delivered exactly when you need it. Although rush jobs can occasionally be accomplished, this is not always the case.

Can I completely design my own custom Get-Away home or Cozy Cabin?

Although our design packages allow you to customize different aspects of your Get-Away Home affordable vacation home or Cozy Cabin, you must select from one of our available floor plans. By the way, our Get-Away Homes have over 50 floor plans, so we are confident that you will find a floor plan that will suit your needs!

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